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customized terracotta

terracotta panel of personalized nano self-cleaning and antibacterial self-cleaning

        in recent years, with the people pursuit and attention of green ecological environment, terracotta panel with the characteristic of natural simplicity is more and more popular. a lot of commercial, office and other public spaces (such as metro, airport and hospital) also began to use terracotta panel. how to keep the cleaning of the terracotta panel has become a new topic. cn research and development team finally developed a new eco-friendly terracotta panel with self-cleaning and antibacterial function, after cooperated with domestic and foreign universities and research institutions in recent years and researched the similar products. the main working principle is as follows:

customized terracotta

cloud shadow stone

cloud shadow stone uses decorative dry grain with a variety of sizes and colors, highlighting the unique cubist & hierarchic sense of high-grade polished stone. the product has clear surface texture , smooth and moist.

1、this product not only has the advantages of terracotta panel, but also has the texture and effect of smooth stone;
2、this product can ensure the color effect, and also can be antifouling treated;
3、the color of this product can be adjusted arbitrarily according to customer's requirements.


meet all the performance indexes of the terracotta panel


pottery series of product development inspired by the rich color of the natural tribute and gratitude.

both to retain the ceramic plate products unique to the surface of the matt texture, while a variety of decorative particles and the effect of the surface is also far better;
2、colorful, free to adjust;
3、the use of high-quality raw materials to ensure that the production process of hair color stability, strong reproducibility.


not only to meet the performance of the ceramic plate, and its anti-fouling performance up to 4.

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