vietnam-china friendship palace is cn classic terracotta panel project
vietnam-china friendship palace is cn classic terracotta panel project

    on november 12, 2017, general secretary of the cpc central committee and state president xi jinping attended the cn classic pottery project in hanoi - the handover ceremony of the completion of the friendship palace at vietnam and the unveiling ceremony of the chinese cultural center in hanoi. this is xi jinping and vietnamese parliament chairman ruan's gold and silver jointly unveiled the china cultural center.

the friendship palace of vietnam is located in the development zone of southwestern hanoi, vietnam. it covers an area of 3.3 hectares with a total construction area of about 13,800 square meters. the entire building outside the circle to lotus as a model. the circular symbol of harmony and fulfillment reflects the longing for solidarity between the peoples of china and vietnam. lotus flower is vietnam's national flower, used in the building facade and interior space, embodies the culture of the two countries, friendship and longevity. the hanoi chinese culture center is a landmark project of china's aid to vietnam and is also the official chinese cultural institution stationed in vietnam.

        the friendship palace of vietnam and china adopted a complex geometric space of large space and long span, with novel designs, unique shapes, complicated structures, technical difficulties and difficulties in management and organization, all of which are more prominent than similar conventional projects. in addition, the project also uses energy-saving and environmental protection facilities such as rainwater collection and utilization system, domestic sewage biochemical treatment system, roof solar power generation and energy storage utilization system, which are benchmarking projects for green construction in hanoi.

        as the design and construction of the project not only adopted a variety of new technologies, new processes, new materials and new equipment such as digital models, but also fully considered the requirements of green, energy saving and environmental protection, the project was commissioned by the ministry of commerce of china for good works.