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the guangzhou chow thai fook finance centre guangzhou guangdong china

        guangzhou ctf finance centre, the planned name is canton east tower. located in the center of cbd of zhujiang new town, it is built on the j2-1 and j2-3 plots of zhucun new town, zhucun road, tianhe district, guangzhou. the project is up to 530 meters. the planned use is commercial office. the land area is 26494.184 square meters. the planned construction area is 350,000 square meters above the ground, and the underground commercial building is 18,000 square meters. the plot ratio of the plot is 13 and the total investment is 10 billion yuan. guangzhou dongta held a capping ceremony on october 28, 2014. it is currently the fifth tallest building in the world and the world's tallest ceramic board project, far higher than the world record of 276 meters created by the previous german brand in tokyo, japan.

        in addition to the ultra-high use height, the wavy white open glazed pottery plate used in this project is also technically more breakthrough than conventional ceramic plates:

        1. super-strength damage strength: the damage strength far exceeds the european standard of 4500n, reaching 14400n.

        2. multiple firing glazing process: in order to ensure the bright glaze effect of the project and fully restore the characteristics of the uneven opening of the kiln, our company has finally developed a glaze that meets the design requirements after many discussions with the masters of arts and crafts. effect.

        3. the global through the 50m / s super typhoon wind tunnel experiment of ceramic plate products: equivalent to withstand 15 typhoons.

        4. anti-fall design: by optimizing the ceramic plate body and installation system, so that 50kg lead block repeatedly hit the same point at different heights, no shedding, for the high-level use to eliminate hidden dangers.

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