ningbo fubang century plaza-九游会登陆

ningbo fubang century plaza ningbo zhejiang china

        ningbo fubang century commercial plaza project is located on the yangtze river road in the east, henghe road in the west, taishan road in the south, huangshan road in the north, and the light rail line connecting beilun, ningbo and zhenhai, and the construction of the project at the end of 2006. passenger transportation center station. it is located in the administrative center of beilun district, adjacent to the phoenix mountain theme park and just across the road from the newly built beilun district government building. there are also five-star regent international hotel, civic square, the planned science and technology museum, and the grand theatre. the project covers an area of 220 mu, with a total construction area of 340,000 square meters, of which commercial area is 180,000 square meters.

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