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wuhan china resources mo wuhan hubei china

        the china resources land mo project is located in the core area of wuchang provincial government. it is located in the bustling zhongnan business district and is adjacent to the wuchang headquarters business district.

        convenient transportation, only 8 minutes walk to hongshan square, and close to the intersection of line 2 and line 4 subway lines. in order to match the life of the central south city, china resources mo will re-integrate the superior resources of wuchang center, with the “administrative level” as the guide and the “customized level” as the planning concept, to create an exclusive life field for the urban level peaks. china resources □ mo total construction area of about 40,000 square meters, the first time using the rare 3.0 ultra-low floor area ratio, including high-rise, small high-rise and multi-storey three property forms, bringing together 40 square meters - 160 square meters of various innovative units, to meet the exquisite one to the wide four-bedroom multi-family needs. the 4,000-square-meter high-end boutique shopping street built on the roppongi in japan creates a private and exclusive style of consumption, and carefully shapes the life of the class according to the needs of the class.

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