shenzhen qianlong manhaining-九游会登陆

shenzhen qianlong manhaining shenzhen guangdong china

        qianlong man haining was developed by shenzhen qianlong industrial group co., ltd. it is located in the noble living area of longhua new town, one of the five major urban sub-centers of shenzhen, that is, the east side of the new district avenue and heping road and the intersection, only 100 meters away from fulong road. the community is only 200 meters away from shangtang station. the total area of the project is 50000.55㎡, and the total construction area is 246,000㎡. the overall community consists of 14 26-28 storey high-rise buildings, including a 28-storey high-end hotel-style apartment. the community has a total of 2018 units with 1,690 parking spaces. it is a comprehensive commercial and residential project integrating noble houses, hotel-style apartments, and leisure and business.

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residential 设计
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fc-306*900t2、t2c2/ty17 用量
9000㎡ 竣工时间