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qingdao china resources yuefu mansion qingdao shandong china

        the project is located in the administrative area of qingdao municipal government and the core area of shinan cbd. it is adjacent to hong kong middle road in the south and shandong road in the east. to create internal three-dimensional traffic, it will be intertwined with external arterial roads to form a traffic network that runs from east to west and is open from north to south, providing extremely convenient transportation services for daily travel.

        the qingdao china resources center project is a development project that china resources land (hk1109) entered into qingdao. it has invested 20 billion yuan to build a large-scale international urban complex in north china. it consists of a large-scale shopping mall “mixian city” with international famous brands, international 5a high-end office buildings, super five-star hotels, high-end city apartments, and yuefu, a mansion overlooking the sea at the core of china resources center.

        yuefu enjoys a superior natural environment and ecological resources. it overlooks fushan bay in the south, zhanshan mountain in the west and the old city scenic spot. it has a vast ocean and beautiful old city in the sights. yuefu is a more customer in the middle of hong kong. dedicated to the scarce community landscape. in the system of cyclic symbiosis of the complex, yuefu enjoys the prosperity of the city, but can relax and enjoy the quiet life above the prosperity of vientiane, and it will definitely become a large-scale and livable city core residence along the hong kong road.

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